03 November 2021

Training of Gambian Tourism Specialists in Cooperation with TİKA

“Tourism Advanced Level Food, Beverage and Accommodation Services Trainer Training”, which is the second stage of the Tourism Training Program (TUREP) carried out by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), was held in Antalya with the participation of Gambian tourism experts.

16 experts who have a role in the tourism education policy-making processes participated in the training held between 11-22 October in cooperation with TİKA, the Turkish Ministry of National Education, the Gambia Tourism Development Committee and the GTI Institute.

In the training that lasted for two weeks and attracted great interest of the participants, the topics such as "Guest Relations", "Occupational Health and Safety", "Computer Automation Programs", "Covering", "Soups", Travel Agency and Tour Operator" and "Desserts" were discussed.

At the ceremony held after the training, the Provincial Director of National Education Hüseyin Er, Antalya Falez Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Principal Ersümer Eren and TİKA expert Emre YÜKSEK presented certificates to the participants.

The "Current Approaches Training", the first stage of the Tourism Education Program (TUREP), was held this year for local tourism experts in Tunisia, Uzbekistan, and Gambia.


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