11 September 2015

Tubas Turkish Hospital in West Bank, Palestine Offers Health Service for 40 Thousand People

Tubas Turkish State Hospital built in West Bank, Palestine by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) provides health service for approximately 40.000 people in a year.

TIKA continues its operations with health projects in Palestine without any pause. Tubas Turkish Hospital which is the first hospital of 40.000 populated- city of Tubas in West Park was built and its equipments were supplied in 2012 by TIKA. It offers health service for approximately 40 thousand patients with people coming from neighbor cities every year. 
 Approximately 30 thousand people apply to hospital’s emergency room in a year. About 1000 women give a birth in the hospital. 
TIKA continues to remain close to Palestinian people and relieves them with these projects held by TIKA. 



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