12 May 2022

Turcology Research Institute and Turkish Language Laboratory from TİKA to Uzbekistan

Turcology Research Institute and Turkish Language Laboratory was opened at Samarkand Şeref Reşidov State University with a ceremony. Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) supplied hardware to this institute, an important language learning centre in the south of Uzbekistan. 

Dr. Mahmut Çevik, the Vice President of TİKA, Salih Caner, the Consul General of the Republic of Türkiye in Samarkand, Hurşid Oçilov, the Vice Governor in charge of Youth Policies, Social Development and Educational Affairs in Samarkand, Juliboy Eltazarov, the Vice Rector of the “Silk Road” Tourism and Cultural Heritage International University and the Director of Turcology Research Institute, Prof. Ahmadjon Soliyev, the Vice Rector, Cemalettin Tüney, TİKA Taşkent Program Coordinator, university students and faculty members participated in the ceremony.  

Juliboy Eltazarov, the Vice Rector said the Turcology Institute in the Samarkand State University was established with the cooperation of İstanbul, Ankara and Marmara Universities and financial and technical aid of TİKA. He added that this institute is the dream of the presidents of the two brother countries. Eltazarov said they hoped that the institute will facilitate research into Turkic world and the centre will make valuable contribution to the scientific studies on the languages and cultures of Turkic societies. He thanked Türkiye and TİKA for their support.

Dr. Mahmut Çevik, the Vice President of TİKA said that it is meaningful and vital to carry out Turcology research at such a university which has a deep-rooted Turcology tradition and in such a geography, where many important historical figures that contributed to Turkic history, philosophy and belief systems had been born. Çevik emphasized that it is an honour for them to be a part of this service. He said this institute will contribute to a great many studies in the field of Turcology. Çevik also said the institute will both encourage new generations to carry out studies in this field and contribute to the upbringing of new historical figures in the footsteps of Ali Şir Nevâi, who has declared the power and influence of Turkish to the world.

The project also covers the submission of 7.500 Turkish books to Uzbekistan by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Compiled by İLESAM, the books cover a wide range of topics, including history, language and Turcology. The books are going to be delivered to the library of the institute and served for the use of researchers and students.

With the help of its Taşkent Program Coordination Office, TİKA has carried out 918 project and activities in several sectors such as health, administrative infrastructure, education, cultural cooperation, agriculture, husbandry and economy in this country. 18 projects have been conducted in Samarkand, especially in the field of culture.

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