16 September 2015

Turkey heals Africa

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) lending a hand to African people living in hard conditions became a door of health for them with its health assistance. 

Turkish supports for Africa go on continually by TIKA. In this frame, TIKA is active in the Dark Continent in numerous fields such as infrastructure development, education, agriculture and livestock.  TIKA carrying out lots of assistance in the field of health supported two-stage project for fighting with Ebola virus in Africa. TIKA sending medical drugs and consumable materials to hospitals follows especially births of babies and postnatal process closely. TIKA supplying off-road ambulances for countries which have hard land conditions; and also continues veterinary services without any interruption. 

Ebola Support for 7 Countries

Ebola epidemic starting in West Africa has affected countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Republic of Guinea over time. 10.587 people died in the region because of the virus. In response, TIKA started two-stage project for Fighting with Ebola Virus in these countries. Consumable materials anticipated to be used for preventive and protective against Ebola virus such as masks, uniforms, glasses and profession boots were sent by TIKA. 

Health Service for 100 Thousands Patient

Operations to build a hospital in modern conditions to maintain health services in the best way in Sudan started in 2010. The hospital whose construction and equipments were completed in 2012 provided 65.897 people with health service in 2014. Mogadishu Turkish Hospital supported with equipment and materials by TIKA offered 19.462 Somalian citizens health service in six months. 




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