01 June 2022

Turkish Doctors Has Healed People in Chad

Within the scope of the “Friendly Aid to Health Project” implemented in cooperation of Turkish Cooperation Coordination Agency (TİKA), Turkish Non-Governmental Organization Dost Eli Association and Chad Non-Governmental Organization Baladi Association, hundreds of patients from Chad have been treated.

The “Friendly Aid to Health Project” prepared in cooperation of TİKA, Dost Eli Association and Baladi Association has been successfully implemented in Chad between May 13th and May 21st. Within the scope of the project, the Turkish medical team of 14 members provided free of charge health services to the citizens from Chad at the Nama Hospital located in the Ndjari neighborhood of N’Djamena’s 8th District.

118 surgical operations have been performed in 7 days

As a result of the treatments that continued for 7 days, the Turkish health team performed 118 surgical operations and circumcised 3,105 boys. Dental treatment was performed on 470 citizens from Chad. Ear, nose and throat treatments were performed on 752 people. In addition, 55 parcels of medications brought from Türkiye were given free of charge to the patients to be used in the treatment of patients from Chad.

Discussions were held about new projects

After completing the health services, the Turkish health team met with local institutions and Chad Ministry of Health officials and exchanged information about new health projects that can be implemented in Chad. Returning to Türkiye after the completion of the project, Turkish doctors stated that it was a great happiness to heal the citizens of Chad.

Food aid to families with disabilities

In addition to health services, the Turkish medical team of 14 members of the Dost Eli Association provided many humanitarian aid in Chad. Providing food aid to 300 families with disabilities in the country, the team provided financial aid to more than 200 families. The Turkish health team, who sacrificed 36 animals for families in need, met the 7 month-food needs of the orphanage where 30 Chadian children shelter. Finally, the team went to Chad’s neighboring country Cameroon and provided food aid to 100 families whose houses were burned in a village in the city of Kousséri.

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