01 November 2023

“Turkish Language” Conference Took Place in Romania with TİKA’s Support

With support from Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), the “5th International Cultural Polyphonics: Turkish Language, Culture and Civilization Worldwide Conference” took place at Ovidius University Of Constanta in Romania.

The conference, organized with contributions of the Romanian Democratic Turkish Union (RDTB), was completed in 5 sessions and attended by 70 scientists from 7 countries.

The opening of the conference in Constanta was attended by Türkiye’s Ambassador to Bucharest, Özgür Kıvanç Altan; TİKA’s Vice President, Dr. Mahmut Çevik; Türkiye’s Consul General in Constanta, Emre Yurdakul; TİKA’s Coordinator in Romania, Hasan Burak Ceran; Embassy of Bucharest Education Counsellor, Prof. Dr. Serpil Murtezaoğlu; Mufti of Romania, Yusuf Murat; Vice Governor of Constanta, Şenol Ali; Yunus Emre Institute’s Coordinator in Romania, Mustafa Yıldız; Turkish Maarif Foundation’ Representative in Romania, Alpaslan Ateş; President of RDTB, Osman Fedbi; Lecturer in ODTU (Middle East Technical University), Dr. Ömer Turan; Lecturer in the University of Bucharest, Prof. Dr. Liviu Franga; Dean of Faculty of Literature, Prof. Dr. Alina Buzatu; Rector of Ovidius University, Prof. Dr. Dan Marcel Iliescu, lecturers, students, and many cognates.

In his speech during the opening, Ambassador Altan emphasized that the conference is of extra importance because it is taking place on the 100th anniversary of the republic, and he spoke about the attention the Turkish language gets.

TİKA’s Vice President, Çevik, stated that the program, in which scientific approaches about Türkiye and the Balkans in the last century to be expressed, will be eye-opening and guiding and will help people to comprehend clearer the relationship between the Balkans and Türkiye built with unbreakable bonds.

Stating that interactions between Turkish and Balkan languages inspected in many scientific works, Çevik said that in these scientific works, they observed that there are 3 thousand Turkish words in Greek, 9 thousand in Serbian, and 5 thousand in Bulgarian and that one in three words in Albanian is of Turkish origin.

Çevik stated that the contribution of the Balkans to Turkish culture and civilization, as it reached its peak, cannot be ignored, and it achieved an astonishing specialty as it traveled from Central Asia with its local elements, Islamic values, and beliefs, along with Western influences. Çevik also said that the matter of Turkish language, culture and civilization is of global importance.

After that, a Turkish Day was organized under the auspices of the Consulate General in Constanta, hosted by Ovidius University. During the event, TİKA’s Office in Bucharest, Yunus Emre Institute, Maarif School, RDTB, and the Democratic Union of Turkish-Muslim Tatars of Romania organized several activities.

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