29 June 2021

Turkish Martyrs’ Memorial in Kirkuk Renovated by TİKA

The Turkish Martyrs’ Memorial of dozens of Ottoman commanders, officers, and soldiers in Kirkuk, Iraq, is being repaired by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

TİKA’s Baghdad Coordinator, Mustafa Yazıcı spoke to an Anadolu Agency correspondent that the Turkish martyrs’ memorial located in the historic Kirkuk Castle has awaited restoration for many years. Yazıcı stated that the renovation works have been started in the martyrs’ memorial that is a historical heritage and that they plan to complete the works in about 4 months.

Yazıcı noted that in this process, the mausoleum of Prophet Danyal sharing the same courtyard as the martyrs’ memorial will also be repaired. Yazıcı said: “As TİKA, we started the renovation of both venues last year. Within the scope of the project, repair and renovation of the surrounding walls and outbuildings, repair and renovation of the tombstones and martyrs’ memorial ground, recovering of the damaged domes of the Danyal Nebi Tomb with "Karbala Stone" following the original, repair and renovation of the interior and exterior walls of the tomb, installation of lighting systems and landscaping will be completed.”

The Turkish martyrs’ memorial has not been repaired or renovated for a long time and will be revived by the renovation project of TİKA.

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