19 August 2022

Turkish Students Who Visited Serbia Harvested Raspberries in Cooperation with TİKA

11 Turkish students who visited Serbia under the Experience Sharing Program (ESP), supported by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), helped farmers harvest raspberries in Novi Pazar.

As part of the ESP, which is supported by TİKA, 11 students from Türkiye helped farmers harvest raspberries in Novi Pazar, which is located in Sandžak, Serbia, and heavily populated by Bosniaks. 11 volunteer students from Türkiye introduced Turkish culture and traditions to the residents of Sandžak. Elif Gül Mahur Sali, one of the volunteer students, stated that she had the opportunity to learn about different cultures and harvested raspberries for the first time thanks to the experience sharing program.

96,000 raspberry canes were planted

Nihad Hasanović, President of the Agricultural Advisory Service of Novi Pazar, visited a raspberry greenhouse, which was one of TİKA’s projects in Serbia. He stated that they planted 96,000 raspberry canes with the help of TİKA, thus contributing to the household income of the residents of Novi Pazar. The volunteer students also took part in the landscaping activities carried out by the Association for Assistance to Children and People with Developmental Disabilities, headquartered in the town of Sjenica.

The volunteer students will visit TİKA’s project sites in Serbia for 7 days. They will also cook Turkish dishes in a soup kitchen that was equipped by TİKA and distributes food to people in need free of charge in Varvarin.

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