20 October 2023

Türkiye Maintains Its Support for The Dukha Turks in Mongolia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) renovated the tents of 230 Dukha Turk families, who are living in Taiga regions of Mongolia and living off of reindeer raising, for the harsh winter conditions and provided materials such as raincoats, boots, first aid materials and medication for reindeer.

The Dukha Turks live as one of the smallest ethnic groups in the world, living in the Taiga forests located on the northern border of Mongolia near the Tsagaannuur, Khövsgöl nearly 1100 km from the capital Ulaanbaatar, nomadically by living off of reindeer raising.

Some of the Dukhas live in Tsagaannuur rather than Taiga in winter. The families raising reindeer continue to live in Taiga. Dukhas migrate to higher mountainsides than taigas in summer as the reindeer live in cold climates.

TİKA, upon the request of the Dukha Turks living in harsh climate conditions, renovated all the worn tents. TİKA also provided raincoats, boots, first aid kits, inflatable boats to cross the rivers, binoculars for 230 families and medication for nearly 3000 reindeer.

A Dukha Turk, Tsetsegee Borşil, said: "As we are living off of reindeer raising, we are encountering many hardships while conserving our lifestyle and cultural heritage. TİKA avidiously listened to our needs and helped our community pricelessly. I am grateful for the Turkish people's support for us living in the Taiga region. I am expressing our dearest gratitude towards them."

Byandalai Badam said, "Be it winter or summer for the whole year, we are living in tents acting as a home for us. We thank TİKA kindly for providing us with tent canvases, in one sense, new houses for us. In return for TİKA's support, we are determined to raise as many reindeer as possible. 

In previous years, TİKA had founded a tent camping facility within the Dukha Turks Research Center in the center of Tsagaannuur to conserve the cultural heritage of Dukha Turks and Dukhas living in the district to earn income by hosting researchers and tourists within the center. Also, TİKA had provided reindeer for breeding from South Siberia to increase the number of reindeer, which are the mainstay of Dukha Turks, and to prevent genetic disorders due to the lack of reindeer.

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