26 April 2023

Türkiye Shares Her Experience in Agriculture with Tajikistan

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) organized a training for university academics and experts at the 25-acre research-practice Fruit Sapling Production Center established within the University of Agriculture, the only university in Tajikistan working in the field of agriculture.

Theoretical and practical training was carried out by trainers from Türkiye for 20 faculty members and 40 students working at the university for 5 days between March 13-17, 2023 in the research-practice orchard.

As part of the training, pruning, and training systems for different fruit species in the orchard were explained theoretically and practically. Within the scope of the program, the entire orchard underwent pruning, spraying, and maintenance. Theoretical and practical training was given on the production of rootstocks in the sapling production facility. In addition, vaccination methods applied in modern fruit growing were explained and demonstrated practically.

At a time when the existing fruit trees in the country are aging, the establishment of the center, which has the capacity to grow approximately 100 thousand fruit saplings per year, by TİKA within the University of Agriculture is considered as a strategically important step for the country's agriculture.


About the Fruit Sapling Production Center

In the project carried out in 2022, TİKA established Tajikistan's first fruit sapling production center. Within the frame of the project, 2,000 apple, 350 cherry and 360 plum saplings, and 12,500 apple rootstocks of different species were planted on an area of 25,000 square meters. In addition, modern irrigation infrastructure, a cover support system, and an agricultural meteorology station were installed.

The project aimed to increase the professional knowledge and experience of the students at the university, to support their practical training, to gain experience in the field and to contribute to the university's educational and scientific studies in the field of agriculture.

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