28 March 2018

Uzbekistan and Turkey Share Experiences

Initiated in the 2007-2008 period, the "International Police Training Cooperation Project" jointly carried out by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the General Directorate of Security Affairs achieved further success with the inclusion of Uzbekistan in 2011.

Oriented towards law enforcement agencies, the International Police Training Cooperation Project offers in-service, applied trainings with the aim of encouraging the sharing of experience between the two nation's law enforcement agencies, creating mutual awareness in the fight against crime, and unifying the terminology used among police forces in the two nations. The aim is to disseminate international standards regarding police practices, develop a coordinated approach to regional security issues, and add momentum to changes made in Police Forces by informing senior police directors and police units, which require high-level expertise, which are in countries that are secure allies of Turkey, of developments in policing through trainings offered by Turkish police officers.

The delegation led by the Former Uzbek Minister of Internal Affairs and the Director of the Police Academy visited Turkey and TİKA to take part in bilateral discussions with their counterparts, including the Police Academy in Turkey. During the delegation's visit to Turkey, a protocol which serves as a roadmap was signed to add momentum to the relations between the two country's Police Academy Directorates and to create areas that could serve as a model for the Uzbek Police Academy in the light of the Turkish Police Academy's activities, operations, training system, and other general information. Moreover, the delegation visited other departments under the General Directorate of Security Affairs to take part in bilateral negotiations, strengthen bilateral relations, and expand collaborations.  

TİKA’s President Dr. Serdar Çam received the delegation for bilateral negotiations. During the meetings, relations between Uzbekistan and Turkey and the importance of further increasing collaborations between the two nations were discussed. In this regard, it was emphasized that projects in all areas would be continued in Uzbekistan.  


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