19 November 2021

Vice President Fuat Oktay Attended a Collective Opening Ceremony in the TRNC

Vice President Fuat Oktay attended the collective opening and groundbreaking ceremony held in Kyrenia for a variety of projects, including TİKA’s health projects, during his visit to the TRNC on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of its establishment.

Oktay stressed that Turkey gave the strongest support to the TRNC’s development and growth efforts, under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and that the cooperation between Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is based on the long-lasting ties of solidarity and affection between the two countries.

Oktay said, “Together, we keep alive the spirit of solidarity, which was described by Gasprinski as ‘Unity in language, thought and action.’”

Oktay added, “Just as we have maintained our deep-rooted ties up until today, we believe that the concrete steps we take together today will build the future. In this context, we have formed a sustainable and institutional partnership beyond daily politics.

We see infrastructure and superstructure investments made jointly by Turkey and the TRNC, projects that touch lives, and tangible signs of development assistance all around the TRNC. The projects that our institutions proudly presented in the promotional video are the results of the activities we carried out only this year, and even only in the past 6 months. Many of our cooperation projects are underway, including the new Kyrenia Military Hospital, which will be built right here; the 500-bed Nicosia State Hospital; the Presidential and Parliament Compound, which will be a strong symbol of the independence of the Turkish Cypriots; the nation’s garden; and the modern highways all around the TRNC. I would like to sincerely thank and congratulate each and every one of our institutions for making the agreed infrastructure and superstructure investments and implementing the agreed human resources capacity-building projects as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.”

 “TİKA attaches special importance to the TRNC and accelerated its activities in the country.”

Reminding that TİKA operates in more than 150 countries with the motto “All for a Smile,” Oktay said, “TİKA attaches special importance to the TRNC and accelerated its activities in the country.”

Oktay noted that TİKA’s marks can be found in many places from fishing shelters to olive oil warehouses to restored historical buildings to children’s playgrounds. He added, “We had identified the lack of critical medical devices in health centers in Lapithos, Gialousa, and Rizokarpaso, and we provided these health centers with the equipment in question in a short time through TİKA.”

A promotional video about the health projects implemented and opened by TİKA in the TRNC was shown at the collective opening ceremony, attended by Serkan Kayalar, TİKA’s President.

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