24 May 2024

Equipment Support for Fire Department of Necoclí Municipality in Colombia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided equipment and fire-resistant clothing to the fire department of the Necoclí Municipality, affiliated with the department of Antioquia in Colombia, to increase their emergency response capacity to forest fires.

Within the scope of the project, implemented to enhance Colombia’s resilience and adaptation capacity against natural disasters, firefighting equipment and fire-resistant clothing were provided to the Necoclí fire department, which will enable them to urgently fight against forest fires at full capacity.

The equipment will be used not only to respond to local disasters, but also to aid in regional calls for assistance.

Colombia is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of ecosystem diversity and natural reserves. Forest fires, caused by extreme heat and drought as a result of climate change, pose a great danger to these reserves.

The fact that the endemic fauna and flora of the country are in danger makes the fight against forest fires more significant. Increasing the capacity of local fire departments in regions hosting large national parks such as Antioquia is of vital importance in fighting fires that break out in many places simultaneously.

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