06 May 2024

The Book on Algeria’s Founding Leader, Emir Abdelkader’s Years in Bursa Was Introduced

Published with the support of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), the book covers the two years Emir Abdelkader, Algeria’s national hero and founding leader who is known for his fight against French colonialism, spent in Bursa following his exile in France. It was introduced to the public through a ceremony.

Türkiye’s Ambassador to Algeria, Muhammet Mücahit Küçükyılmaz; TİKA’s Coordinator in Algeria, Gökçen Kalkan; the President of the Supreme Islamic Council of Algeria, Abu Abdullah Ghulamallah and many Algerian academicians and researchers attended the presentation program held at the Supreme Islamic Council of Algeria in the capital, Algiers.

Written in French under the title “L’Emir Abdelkader À Bursa” by Algerian researcher Mustafa Hayyati, the book was translated into Turkish and Arabic, and published under the title “Emir Abdelkader in Bursa” by TİKA.

Speaking at the program, Türkiye’s Ambassador to Algeria Küçükyılmaz noted that Emir Abdelkader is a prominent military and political figure for both the Algerian and Turkish people. He also underlined that Emir Abdelkader is one of the most significant symbols of the anti-colonial resistance in the Islamic world.

Küçükyılmaz stated that Emir Abdelkader was a captive in France, but a guest in Bursa, and he was a common hero for the Turkish and Algerian people who have a joint history. He also expressed his gratitude to Hayyati, the writer of the book and to TİKA officials who translated the book into Turkish and Arabic, and later published it.

The book had also been presented as a gift to the President of Algeria, Abdülmecid Tebbun, by the President of Türkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who had visited the country on November 21, 2023.

Who is Emir Abdelkader al-Jaza’iri?

Being a writer, poet, philosopher, politician and fighter against French colonialism, Emir Abdelkader al-Jaza’iri is considered as the founding leader of Algeria.

Abdelkader al-Jaza’iri was imprisoned in France for 5 years, starting from 1847. Following his exile, Emir Abdelkader resided in Bursa for a couple of years, and later in Damascus until his death at the age of 76, in 1883.

After Algeria became independent, the body of Emir Abdelkader was transferred to the capital of his country in 1965.

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