26 January 2024

TİKA Continues to Support Gaza

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) continues its humanitarian aid activities in Gaza, Palestine, where Israeli attacks never cease.

As a result of the ongoing attacks in Gaza since October 7, 25 thousand Palestinians have lost their lives, 62 thousand people have been injured, 1.7 million Gazans have been displaced from their homes, and tens of thousands of houses have been destroyed.

Following the escalating attacks in the northern and central regions of Gaza and the urgent need to evacuate residents from these areas, the city of Rafah, home to more than a million people, has become the main shelter for displaced people.

Relief supplies are limited and insufficient

Due to restrictions, the activities of humanitarian aid organizations, as well as the delivery of aid materials such as food, water and medicine are severely limited and inadequate.

Food supplies were delivered by TİKA to families sheltering in tent camps in Rafah, Deir al-Balah and Az-Zawayda regions, where access to humanitarian aid is most challenging.

Due to supply shortages, packages consisting of various vegetables that could be obtained within Gaza were distributed to a thousand Gazan families.

Basic ready-to-eat food packages, along with medical supplies, mattresses, blankets and winter clothes, had been previously provided to Gazans.

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