01 July 2024

TİKA Encourages Beekeeping in North Macedonia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided equipment to families engaged in beekeeping in the eastern and western regions of North Macedonia.

Within the scope of the “Developing Beekeeping Project,” TİKA provided a total of 300 beehives and necessary equipment to 30 families engaged in beekeeping in Resen, Centar Župa, Plasnica, Drzhilovo, Pagaruša, Radoviš, Negotino, Veles and Gradsko. Technical trainings on beekeeping were also provided to these farmer families.

Equipment was delivered to farmers with a ceremony held in Negotino. TİKA’s Coordinator in Skopje, Mehmet Bayrak, along with farmers engaged in beekeeping and local people attended the delivery ceremony.

Stating that he has recently started beekeeping, a beneficiary İsuf Jakupi said, “My father made great progress in this profession. Today, TİKA provided 10 beehives and various beekeeping equipment along with honey bees. We would like to thank TİKA for their support.”

TİKA’s Coordinator in Skopje, Bayrak noted that TİKA has been implementing projects in many fields in North Macedonia since 2005. Emphasizing the importance of agricultural projects, especially in rural areas, Bayrak said, “Beneficiary families both consume the honey that they produce and contribute to their economy by selling it in the local market.”

The project contributes to local economic development by increasing the production of products such as honey, royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen. The project also enhances assistance and cooperation opportunities among different ethnic groups.

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