14 June 2024

TİKA Provides Search and Rescue Training in Montenegro

A “Urban Search and Rescue Basic Training” was organized in Montenegro by the search and rescue personnel trained as instructors in Bosnia and Herzegovina within the scope of the “Emergency and Disaster Response Trainings Program (ADAMEP)” carried out by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

The “Montenegro Urban Search and Rescue Basic Training” was held in Montenegro under the guidance of İHH Disaster Academy instructors with the participation of three Bosnian instructors, who became qualified by successfully completing the ADAMEP training in Bosnia and Herzegovina and who are members of the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ), the GSS Novi Grad Mountain Search and Rescue Team and the Brcko Civil Protection Administration.

32 search and rescue personnel working at the Directorate of Search and Rescue of the Nikšić Municipality attended the training.

As part of the training, theoretical and practical lessons were given to participants in various fields such as disaster awareness, communication during disasters, teamwork in disasters, building damage types, search methods, wreck marking, HAZMAT, patient and injured transportation techniques, safe approaches to wreckage, basic rescue materials and personal protective equipment and GPS usage.

The Culture and Tourism Consultant of the Nikšić Municipality, Miljan Mijušković; TİKA’s Coordinator in Podgorica, Nihal Ersoy; the Coordinator of the İHH Disaster Academy, Ahmet Türkmenoğlu and local authorities attended the certificate ceremony held at the end of the training program.

Expressing his appreciation for the training, the Culture and Tourism Consultant of the Nikšić Municipality, Mijušković expressed his hope that the trainings would continue and conveyed his gratitude to TİKA for their support.

TİKA’s Coordinator in Podgorica, Ersoy noted that our country’s knowledge is transferred to Montenegrin search and rescue personnel through the training held, and this training will strengthen the cooperation between the two countries.

About the Search and Rescue Trainings

Within the scope of the ADAMEP, TİKA organizes trainings on nature search and rescue, urban search and rescue, and water search and rescue.

TİKA has carried out 10 search and rescue training programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3 in Lebanon, 2 in Pakistan and one each in Georgia and Montenegro, and has contributed to increasing the number of qualified personnel in the field of search and rescue. During the February 6 earthquakes in 2023, the search and rescue teams that had previously attended TİKA’s training programs in these countries, were among the first to arrive in our country, and they saved many people from the rubble.

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