14 February 2024

TİKA Renovated a Health Center to Serve Over 15,000 People Annually in Cameroon

Nkol Mvak Integrated Health Center, which is located in the Sa’a district of Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, following the renovation works of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), was put back into service after being equipped with medical devices.

The severely damaged roof, walls, doors and windows, as well as the plumbing system of Nkol Mvak Integrated Health Center, which has been operating in the village of Nkol Mvak under the Ministry of Public Health of Cameroon since 1970, were renewed and put into service. In addition, within the scope of the renovation by TİKA, the health center’s service capacity was increased by installing electrical wiring in order to store medicine, use various medical equipment, and carry out diagnosis and treatments in a healthy manner.

The need for clean water of the health center and the local people was met

The delivery room of the health center, which features the pediatrics department, an operating room, laboratories and patient rooms, was non-operational due to a lack of materials and equipment.However, it has been renovated and improved as part of the project. The water tank, which was built to ensure the necessary hygiene conditions and provide access to clean water, was integrated into the renewed plumbing system, thereby meeting the need for clean water for both the health center and the local people.

Türkiye’s Ambassador to Yaoundé, Volkan Işıkçı; the Mayor of Sa’a, Jean Blaise Messina Noah; the President of Nkol Mvak and Young Citizens Collective (COJERENKE), Christophe Awono and TİKA officials attended the opening ceremony.

“People no longer need to travel long distances to receive healthcare”

During his speech at the ceremony, the President of COJERENKE Awono stated that people no longer need to travel long distances to access healthcare, and added that the reopening of the delivery room is the cornerstone of the project. Awono expressed his gratitude to TİKA for their support.

Stating that they are grateful to Türkiye on behalf of the people of Nkol Mvak village and the surrounding area, the Mayor of Sa’a Noah said, “Türkiye’s development aid model deserves admiration as TİKA develops its projects in line with the countries’ needs and priorities.”

Within the scope of the project, the health center, operating again at full capacity, is expected to provide healthcare service to more than 15 thousand people annually. The project also aims to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in the region.

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