03 July 2024

TİKA Supports Women Peanut Producers in Niger

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established a “Peanut Products Workshop and Training House” to benefit nearly 50 women producing peanuts in the city of Tchadoua, Niger.

Although peanut cultivation is an important source of income in the Maradi region of Niger, most farmers (91%) are forced to sell their products immediately due to a lack of equipment and knowledge, preventing them from converting the peanuts into value-added derivatives. In fact, peanuts, widely consumed across the country, can be preserved for 6 to 8 months after harvest if the necessary conditions are met.

The city of Tchadoua, near the Maradi region, is the largest wholesale peanut market in the area, with significant potential in agricultural trade. Women who attempt to market their crops using traditional production and storage methods face many challenges and cannot compete with larger producers.

TİKA Stands By Women Peanut Producers in Maradi

TİKA established a “Peanut Products Workshop and Training House” for the benefit of nearly 50 women producing peanut in the Darul Mar’a Cooperative in Tchadoua. Thus, these women will be able to receive continuous training for more productive and higher-quality production progress, store their crops for longer periods by using various techniques, and add value to their products by producing various peanut derivatives (peanut oil, peanut paste etc.).

The workshop, which consists of a storage unit, training room and production hangar, is equipped with manufacturing machines used for crushing, shell breaking, oil extraction, sorting, milling, drying, packaging, along with other necessary equipment. Within the scope of the project, trainings in advanced peanut production practices, food processing, entrepreneurship, partnership and cooperatives were also given to 25 young producers.

The project aims to enable women producers to store their crops for longer periods, convert them into new products and access high-quality production methods.

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