04 June 2024

Ashiks of Turkic World Came Together at Symposium in Baku

The opening of the “Ozan-Ashik Culture: Historical Roots, New Approaches and Perspectives Symposium”, supported by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), was hosted by Khazar University.

At the opening ceremony, speakers drew attention to the significance of traditional instruments such as bağlama and komuz in Turkish culture, and thanked to everyone who contributed to organizing the event. Saz artists and academicians from the Turkic Republics, particularly from Azerbaijan and Türkiye, attended the symposium. Participants hailing from friendly and brotherly countries, who share a common language, history and cultural ties, organized various events for two days to conserve and popularize the art of ozan-ashik.

First Day: Scientific Presentations and Exchange of Ideas

On the first day of the symposium, academicians gave scientific presentations, and shared detailed information on the past, present and future of the art of ozan-ashik. Participants discussed different aspects of this art form, and exchanged ideas on how to pass it down to future generations.

Second Day: International Concert Program

On the second day of the symposium, an international concert program was held. Manaschis, bakhshis, ashiks and ozans invited from Türkiye, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan presented participants with an unforgettable musical feast.

TİKA Supports Cultural Events

TİKA’s Coordinator in Baku, Hayrettin Özçelik stated that TİKA always supports events organized to strengthen cultural ties between brother countries and communities. Özçelik expressed that simultaneously with these events, they also supported the 3rd Turkic World Literature and Book Festival, hosted by Baku, as well as the Turkic World Panel.

The Ozan-Ashik Art Symposium serves as a significant platform to conserve the rich cultural heritage of the Turkic world and pass it on to the future. The symposium also allows participants to share their common cultural values and develop new perspectives.

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