24 June 2024

Delicacies from 12 Countries’ Cuisines Promoted at the 6th Ethnosport Culture Festival

During the “6th Ethnosport Culture Festival” held in Istanbul from June 6th to 9th, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established the “Universal Delicacies by TİKA” booth. This booth showcased the local delicacies of 12 countries and exhibited souvenirs and cultural objects.

The sixth edition of the Ethnosport Cultural Festival, which has been held by the World Ethnosport Confederation since 2016 and brings together different cultures and traditional sports at a variety of events, was held in Istanbul this year. More than 1 million visitors attended the festival, which was held from June 6 to 9.

At the festival, delicacies from 12 different countries were served to visitors for four days at the booths called “Universal Delicacies,” set up by TİKA. Not only the local delicacies of each country, but also the clothes, souvenirs and national objects that promote the country’s culture were exhibited.

Visitors showed great interest in the event; had the opportunity to get to know the cultures of Tanzania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Algeria, Lebanon, Tunisia and Sudan, and tasted different delicacies. Young people and children were particularly interested in the booths, where they learned about different countries, the products exhibited and the food, beverages, fruits and snacks served.

TİKA continues to contribute to bringing different cultures together and building bridges of friendship with countries in our geography of hearts through different projects and events.

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