29 March 2016

Poetry of Yunus Emre Translated into Bosnian Thanks to TİKA

Yunus Emre Divan (an anthology of his select poetry work), which will also encompass the life of Yunus Emre, his thoughts and his importance in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be translated into Bosnian thanks to the cooperation of the Presidency of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and Sarajevo University Institute of Orientalism.

The translation of the most comprehensive work of Yunus Emre, who is still known by some in Bosnia and Herzegovina and who has a place in the heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Balkan culture,  is going to serve well for strengthening the bonds between Yunus Emre and the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The signing ceremony of the Project of TIKA has recently been held.

Maja Izetbegovic, Actress, Member of Chamber Theater and Latif Mocevic, Vocal Artist brought poems of Yunus Emre to words and sang his chant compositions. “Ben gelmedim dava için, benim işim sevi için. Dost'un evi gönüllerdir, gönüller yapmağa geldim.” (Translation: Here I come to love, not to contend. He whose shelters lay in hearts, of those he befriended; here I come to build shelters of mine), Yunus Emre. The message peace and brotherhood delivered by Yunus Emre will be spoken out and spread across the Balkans with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency’s Project, expected to complete by the end of 2016.

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