03 November 2021

Support from TİKA for the Empowerment of Mozambican Women

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established a greenhouse garden in the Maputo National Women's Prison in Maputo, in cooperation with the Maputo National Women's Prison General Directorate.

A 500 square meter greenhouse garden was established in the Maputo National Women's Prison, where a total of 300 female prisoners are housed, in order to support the professional, social and economic integration processes of women and to encourage female prisoners who completed their prison sentence to get jobs.

As part of the project, 60 beneficiaries were identified at the first stage, and necessary agricultural equipment support was provided by establishing a greenhouse garden where vegetables and fruits can be produced in order to ensure their employment in the agricultural sector and to support vocational training in the field of greenhouse cultivation.

Thanks to the project, beneficiaries who started production in the agricultural sector produced about 2 tons of vegetables (tomatoes and peppers). As well as contributing to agricultural production, prisoners were allowed to get jobs during their prison sentence, and socio-economic rehabilitation processes were supported.

Speaking at the opening of the project, Maputo National Women's Prison Director Julia Macuacua stated that the project carried out by TİKA made a significant contribution to the rehabilitation processes of female prisoners. Expressing that thanks to the project, the physical and technical infrastructure needed for 60 women to get jobs in the agricultural sector has been created and they are now able to engage in income-generating activities, Macuacua thanked TİKA for their support.


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