14 September 2015

Support in Agriculture and Health to Caribbean Island Dominica

Dominica, one of the islands of Caribbean, was supported in the field of agriculture and health by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA). 

TIKA continues to support progressive relations with Caribbean. On the scope of “Project for Increasing Capacity of Agricultural Services”; equipments such as computer and projector were delivered to authorities of Ministry of Agriculture and hematology and chemistry analyzers were delivered to authorities of Ministry of Health for the purpose of being used in Laboratory of Portsmouth Hospital after a ceremony. In the ceremony; equipments supplied for more healthy and comprehensive broadcasting in the world were delivered to Dominica Publishing Institute; and 45 different technical equipments especially power units were given to representatives of Water and Sewerage Company in Dominica within the scope of Recovery Project of Water and Sewerage Infrastructure. 
Beginning with official contacts between a delegation group consisting of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) representatives and authorities of Dominica continued with project delivery ceremony. TIKA delegations being accepted by Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and also Secretary of Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning Natural Sources and Fisheries in Dominica Harold Guiste, Secretary of Ministry of Health in Dominica Helen Royer, General Manager of Dominica Water and Sewerage Company Bernard Ettinoffe, General Manager of Dominica Publishing Institution Cecil Joseph, formed contacts about possible cooperation and projects. 
Authorities in Dominica expressing their gratitude from the projects held by TIKA and made a wish to continue the cooperation. 

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