02 September 2013

The Foundations For The Gorajde Projects Have Been Laid

The Foundations For The Gorajde Projects Have Been Laid

The renovation and repair work and construction of a new floor on the Gorajde Kanton Hospital which was started by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate in Bosnia Herzegovina’s city of Gorajde and the groundbreaking of the Gorajde Culture and Education Center construction being done through cooperation between the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate were celebrated in a ceremony organized in the grounds of the Kayseri Mosque.

In Gorajde, the capital of Bosna Podrinje Kanton in Eastern Bosnia Herzegovina, in the grounds of the Kayseri Mosque constructed by the Kayser Mufti in 2009, a ceremony was organized in which AK Parti General Secretary Haluk İpek, TİKA Assistant Chairman Mehmet Süreyya Er, Keçiören Mayor Mustafa Ak, Religious Affairs Directorate Education Services General Manager Ali Erbaş, Gorajde Kanton President Emir Fraşto, Gorajde Mayor Muhamed Ramoviç, Gorajde Mufti Hamed Efendiç, TİKA officials and a number of guests from Turkey and Bosnia Herzegovina participated.

With the completion of the renovation on 1st and 2nd floors and the addition of an additional floor of the Gorajde Kanton Hospital which was constructed and for which a groundbreaking ceremony was organized by TİKA, 30 thousand people will benefit from the project. The project aims to provide better quality health services to the people of Goradje in a region among those which have suffered the most from the war in Bosnia Herzegovina by providing the renovation and repair needed by the building and adding another floor. In addition to the citizens of Gorajde Bosna Podrinje Kanton health services will also continue to be provided with better quality to the people returning to the municipalities of the Southeastern Republic of Serbia.

In the speech made by TİKA Assistant Chairman Mehmet Süreyya Er he said that both of the projects which were being started with the ceremony would be making a significant contribution both in the field of culture and health. TİKA Assistant Chairman Er stated that both floors of the Gorajde Kanton Hospital and the added floor would be completed as soon as possible and opened to services.

Gorajde Müfti Hamed Efendiç pointed out that many services had been provided by Turkey. While expressing his belief that the brotherhood between the two countries would never fade, Gorajde Müfti Efendiç said “Our brothers in Kayseri built the mosque. Our brothers from Göngörenli made the park directly across from it. Our brothers from Keçiören and Şahinbeyli will build our Islamic culture center and TİKA is building our hospital. We will not forget the good will here and make sure to carry it on to future generations’’.

Gorajde Kanton Prime Minister Emir Fraşto expressed how pleased he was with the services being provided in the region by Turkey. Gorajde Kanton Prime Minister Fraşto expressed gratitude for the giant projects consisting of the hospital renovation and construction being done by TİKA, the culture center construction and media projects. In the speech made by AK Party General Secretary Haluk İpek, in which he drew attention to the friendship between the two countries thanked the people of Bosnia Herzegovina for the support they have given to Turkey. A fast breaking meal was organized by TİKA for the over one thousand guests after the ceremony.

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