14 November 2022

TİKA Continues to Support Farmers in Lebanon

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) supported the installation of the greenhouse for fruit tree seedlings production in the Shouf region where the Druze are predominantly located in Lebanon.

In cooperation with TİKA and Farah Social Foundation established in 1988, the greenhouse and irrigation system installation was made as a part of the project developed with the needs and demands of the farmers in accordance with the current agricultural strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture in Lebanon.

Ambassador of Türkiye to Lebanon, Ali Barış Ulusoy, TİKA’s Coordinator, Orhan Aydın, members of the parliament, Dr. Bilal Abdallah and Marwan Hamadeh, former minister and deputy, Marvan Hamadeh, mayors of Kfarfakoud and Bchaftine, and association representatives attended the opening ceremony of the greenhouse for fruit tree seedlings production.

In his statement regarding the project, the Druze Leader Canbolat said that it is meaningful for TİKA to support Lebanon which is going through an economically difficult process.

Ambassador Ulusoy stated that TİKA continues to carry out projects in various fields in Lebanon.

The aim is to increase the production capacity and income of the farmers

The project aims to increase the production capacity and income of the small-scale farmers in the Shouf region within the Mount Lebanon Governorate where the Druze are predominantly located. The goal is also to reduce the import of seedlings by sustainably increasing the share of agricultural sector in the national economy.

Various fruit seedlings that grew in greenhouses such as apricots, almonds, peaches, plums, pomegranates, mahaleb cherries, sumac, olives, walnuts, and apples will be distributed among farmers according to need by considering their lands and poverty levels.

More than 13 thousand different fruit tree seedlings and 35 kilos of seeds were provided as well as fertilizers, pesticides, and seed trays.

At least 100 farmers are expected to benefit from the project each year.

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