20 October 2021

TİKA Organizes Embroidery Courses for Women in Kiev

Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency (TİKA) organized computerized embroidery courses for Crimean Tatar women at the "Crimea Family Culture Center" in Kiev.

The courses taught by the Crimean painter, decorative and applied art specialist, and clothing designer, Mayre Lyumanova, focus on topics such as drawing patterns, uploading these patterns to a computer, operating an embroidery machine, selecting threads, and passing fabric to an embroidery frame.

The meaning behind Crimean Tatar clothes, embroidery patterns, their types and characteristics, and their usage are also planned to be taught within the scope of these courses. In the context of the 2-month long course, 24 students will receive 96 hours of education.

The course project which will contribute to the protection and promotion of Crimean Tatar culture aims to help Crimean Tatar women join the workforce and earn income.

TİKA provided all of the computers, printers, computerized automatic embroidery machines, irons, fabric and consumables necessary for applied learning during the courses.

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