24 April 2020

TİKA Provides Medical Support to Lebanon in Its Fight against COVID19

As part of the medical support provided by Turkey against the global COVID-19 outbreak, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided medical equipment to healthcare institutions in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, and the city of Sidon in the south.

Equipment including protective coveralls, face shields, glasses, N95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, protective socks, disposable gowns, and disinfectants was delivered to the hospitals in Beirut in cooperation with the Maqasid Society, one of Lebanon’s longest-established NGOs.

TİKA also provided sterilization machines, non-contact thermometers, protective gowns, face shields, glasses, masks, gloves, and sterilizing agents to the Islamic Civil Defense Organization, which provides healthcare in Sidon in southern Lebanon.

TİKA’s Beirut Office Coordinator Orhan Aydın stated that Turkey both combats the global COVID-19 outbreak and extends its helping hand to friendly and sister countries.

Stressing that Turkey supports other countries as much as possible in their fights against the outbreak, Aydın said, “As TİKA, we wanted to support Lebanon and stand in solidarity with them in this fight, as we do in every other field. Our cooperation continues in all areas.”

As a result of the general mobilization issued by the Lebanese government against the COVID-19 outbreak on March 15, all entries to and exits from the country were prohibited, and all public and private sector operations were suspended.

The Ministry of Health announced that 658 cases were reported with 21 deaths since February 21, the day the first case was reported.

Among the dead was a Turkish citizen who lived in Lebanon.

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