23 March 2018

TİKA Shares Turkey’s Vocational Training Experience in Tajikistan

As part of the Vocational Training and Employment Program (MESİP) implemented in various countries by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Welding trainings were organized in Tajikistan.

The trainings that were carried out in collaboration with Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of Tajikistan, were attended by the instructors working at Adult Training Centers and teachers of vocational high schools.

Opened in various locations by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment in order to fight unemployment, Adult Training Centers allow unemployed individuals to get vocational training. In 2012, TİKA established a “Welding Training and Practice Workshop” within Dushanbe Adult Training Center. The workshop aimed to provide vocational training for poor and unemployed people and help them find employment opportunities as qualified workers in Tajikistan’s labor market. The workshop set up by TİKA provided vocational training for more than 800 students so far.

One month long Training-for-Trainers that has been going on at the workshop was attended by 32 participants from all over Tajikistan, who were selected by Tajik Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment. Three specialized instructors appointed by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education gave the trainees theoretical and applied training on technical drawings, metal design and welding techniques. The trainers will share what they have learned with their students at the Adult Training Centers and Vocational High Schools they work at.

The closing ceremony held at the Dushanbe Adult Training Center was attended by the First Deputy Minister of Labor, Migration and Employment of Tajikistan Emin Numon Sanginzoda, Turkey’s Dushanbe Ambassador Ali Rifat Köksal, TİKA Dushanbe Coordinator Tarık Mete and other invited guests.

Speaking during the closing ceremony, First Deputy Minister Sanginzoda stated that their cooperation with TİKA was going on since many years and that they were very happy with it, and they want to continue this cooperation and increase it even further.

Ambassador Köksal pointed out that the relations between Turkey and Tajikistan date back a long way and are built upon shared cultural values such as Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi. He explained that Turkey is ready to contribute to all projects that intend to increase the quality of life for Tajik people.

After the speeches, instructors from Turkey and TİKA Coordinator Tarık Mete received certificates of appreciation by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment. Trainees, who participated in the training, also received their certificates.

In the final stage of the closing ceremony, the exhibition that consists of the works of the trainees was opened.

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