11 September 2018

TİKA Shined a Light on 750 People in the Philippines

In the Zamboanga Region of the Philippines, residents of the Island Tikala, which lacked electricity, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) installed 105 solar energy systems.

Home to approximately 750 people, Island Tikala in Zamboanga Del Sur in Mindanao, 105 families were supplied with solar energy systems and the installations were completed.

Lack of electricity in the island was one of the biggest obstacles in front of the development of the island especially in terms of communication and commerce. As part of the project, the solar energy sets consisting of panels, control devices, cables, batteries, and solar lamps were installed in 105 households and the residents of the island finally had access to electricity, which is one of the most basic needs of the present day.

TİKA Philippines Coordinator Yeşim Baktır said that thanks to the project, 750 people encountered electricity for the first time and the people of Island Tikala are excited to spend their nights with the lights on for the first time. Baktır pointed out that the panels were installed to suffice for all 105 households in the island and said, “This was their first encounter with electricity. From now on, the children will be able to read more books at night, mothers will be able to work with weaving products, handicrafts or produce local products.”

Baktır stressed that the people of the island will be able to charge their cell phones and be able to contact the mainland in case of emergencies, “It was a small but very effective project.”

By providing access to electricity in the island, where people struggle with difficult conditions, a big boost is expected for the economic and social life. The project aims to support the education of the children, increase commercial activities and improve the communication opportunities of the island.

TİKA continues to offer the helping hand of our country to all regions of the Philippines.

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