24 June 2021

TİKA Signed a Protocol for Development Cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) signed a protocol regarding the joint activities to be carried out within the framework of development cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the ceremony held at the main service building of TİKA; Serkan Kayalar, President of TİKA, and Edin Ramić, Federal Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH), signed a protocol for cooperation for the development of and support for a sustainable return mechanism.

Before the signing ceremony, Edin Ramić, Federal Minister of Displaced Persons and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH), and his accompanying delegation met with Serkan Kayalar, President of TİKA.

Serkan Kayalar stated that they have so far carried out nearly 1000 social, economic, administrative, and cultural cooperation projects and activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that they were planning new projects in priority areas, such as production sectors, vocational training, and employment of young people and disadvantaged groups. Kayalar said, “After the pandemic, we will increase the number and diversity of our projects and activities and expand their scope to cover the whole country.”

Edin Ramić noted that the development cooperation projects implemented by Turkey through TİKA made invaluable contributions to improving public welfare.

With the protocol signed, it is aimed to carry out joint projects and activities and ensure that both parties share their knowledge and experience with each other, in order to support socio-economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Within the framework of the protocol, new projects and activities for the sharing of experience and knowledge between TİKA and the ministry will be carried out, and both parties will be able to offer partial or full support for the projects to be implemented jointly.

TİKA has implemented nearly 1000 projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

TİKA has carried out nearly 1000 projects and activities in many fields such as education, health, agriculture, housing, development of production sectors, capacity building, and preservation of historical and cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the Sarajevo Program Coordination Office, established in 1995.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, TİKA prioritizes projects for rebuilding infrastructure; boosting agriculture, animal husbandry, and other production sectors; increasing employment capacity; and preserving the common historical and cultural heritage.

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