23 November 2023

TİKA Supports the Infrastructure of the Fishing Port in Lebanon

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established a boat maintenance station in Amchit, Lebanon, to support the fishery cooperative.

Within the project implemented by TİKA, a boat ramp and a boat maintenance platform were constructed at the Amchit Fishing Port. Additionally, an office and storage building, consisting of three sections for personnel and materials, was established. With this project, fishermen will be relieved of the mobile crane and boat maintenance costs that they incur twice a year for the maintenance of their boats.

The opening ceremony of the project, carried out in cooperation with the Amchit Port Fishery Cooperative, which holds a significant position in the Lebanese fishing sector due to its compliance with the fishing ban and the fact that its members are small boat owners, was attended by Antoine Issa, the Head of Amchit Municipality; Mohamad Bıkkı, Deputy Director General of Water and Fisheries; Bülent Korkmaz, Head of the Department of the Middle East and Africa at TİKA, and fishermen who are members of the Amchit Fishermen’s Cooperation.

Cooperative President Hassan Rizk thanked Türkiye for the project and stated that the project will contribute to the fishermen and the cooperative in coping with the escalating costs.

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