12 June 2020

TİKA Supports Women’s Vocational Training in Mongolia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) supported the vocational training of women with disabilities and widows by completing the renovation of the Mongolian Quilting Center, operating under the NGO called “Shine Zamnal.”

Since its foundation in 2004, the Mongolian Quilting Center has been organizing patchwork courses for women with disabilities and widows. The participants of the patchwork courses learn how to make various souvenirs, household items, and handicrafts with different designs through a renewable method by using silk fabrics and other scrap fabrics from sewing workshops. Since its foundation, the center has offered work-from-home job opportunities to nearly 3,500 women.

The center, which remained operational until recently, had to stop its activities due to plumbing, power, and heating system failures and damages to its floor and walls. With the renovation project launched by TİKA this year, the building was renovated and put into operation again.

In her speech at the delivery ceremony, Executive Director of Shine Zamnal Tserendash Selenge said, “The main purpose of our center is to support women in earning their own incomes by using scrap fabrics to make various souvenirs and accessories representing the national tradition of Mongolia. As our center had not been renovated since its foundation, our working environment was neglected and dysfunctional. TİKA accepted our request for support, renovated our center, and gave it a modern look. TİKA’s project increased sales and the women’s productivity, and contributed to sustainable development and the introduction of the Mongolian art of patchwork to the world.” Selenge thanked the Turkish people and TİKA for their support.


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