03 June 2024

Food Aid from TİKA to Sudanese Refugee Families Seeking Shelter in Chad

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided food packages to 1,000 Sudanese families seeking shelter in Chad.

TİKA, in cooperation with the “National Commission for the Reception and Reintegration of Refugees and Returnees (CNARR)”, provided 30 tons of essential food aid to Sudanese refugees.

The food parcels, distributed to 1,000 families residing in the Gaga Refugee Camp in Amleyouna in the province of Ouaddaï, contain staple food such as flour, rice, sugar, oil, salt, and pasta.

Through TİKA’s food aid, the staple food needs of Sudanese refugees were met, and Chad’s public institutions were supported in their efforts regarding migration, refugees and displaced people.

Sudanese refugees placed in various camps in different regions of Chad by public authorities continue to live under severe conditions. The number of Sudanese refugees who fled from the civil war in Sudan in 2023 and took shelter in Chad has exceeded half a million after a year.

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