28 March 2024

TİKA Delivers Ramadan Food Packages to Families in Need in Croatia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has started to distribute food packages which will be delivered during Ramadan to 1,000 families in need residing in Croatia.

As part of the “Ramadan Programs” organized by TİKA, events which manifest our culture of sharing and solidarity are being held solely based on need throughout Croatia, regardless of ethnic or religious affiliations.

Within the scope of the program held in 2024, the cities of Sisak and Petrinja, declared as the areas of special state concern after the earthquakes in Croatia in 2020, as well as the cities of Gunja, Vojnić, Cetingrad, Široka Rijeka and Bogovolja, identified among the cities in need of socio-economic support by the state, and the city of Zagreb, which has a high population density, have been included in the food distribution project.

In cooperation with TİKA, the Municipality of Vojnić, the Municipality of Cetingrad, Široka Rijeka Home Care Center, the Solidarity Association of the Bogovolja Mosque, the Zirat Solidarity Association of the Zagreb Mosque, the Soup Kitchen of the Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Zagreb and the Council of the Bosnian National Minority of Zagreb, 11 tons of food aid have been provided to 600 families, concluding the first stage of food package distributions.

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