01 April 2024

TİKA Established a “Recycling Center” in Niger

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established a recycling unit in Agadez, where environmental pollution is intense, enabling the reuse of accumulated plastic waste and glass bottles.

Within the project, one of the existing hangars of the Municipality of Agadez has been transformed into a recycling workshop. The workshop has been equipped with machines, devices and other consumables, and a 2-week training program has been conducted on the use of these devices.

Speaking at the delivery ceremony, the Republic of Türkiye’s Ambassador to Niamey, Özgür Çınar, expressed that the project complements the efforts of the Municipality of Agadez, and such projects contributing positively to the daily life of the people will continue.

The Mayor of Agadez, Abdourrahmane Aboubacar Touraoura stated that the equipment provided marks a significant step for the recycling initiative launched by the Municipality of Agadez, which will create job opportunities for a total of 4,500 people. He also expressed his gratitude to the brother Turkish nation.

Through the project, it is aimed to prevent the negative effects of environmental pollution, create new employment opportunities, transform the city into a clean and spacious place and contribute to the preservation of national wealth in Agadez. Agadez is not only one of the cultural capitals of Niamey but also one of the important centers of historical Turkish-African cooperation.

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