21 March 2024

TİKA Shares the Abundance of Ramadan with Orphan Children and Their Families in Albania

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided food support to the families of orphan children in Albania.

Türkiye’s Ambassador to Tirana, Tayyar Kağan Atay; TİKA’s Coordinator in Tirana, Mustafa Ata; the President of the Alternative of the Future Foundation (ALSAR), Mehdi Gurra and families attended the distribution ceremony held at Farie Hoti Sports Palace in the capital Tirana.

Speaking at the ceremony, Atay expressed that Ramadan is a special month bringing brothers and sisters together, and added that they have come together as two brotherly nations on this occasion.

Informing that the packages will be distributed to 900 families at present, Atay said, “We will have a total of 3,500 packages. We will deliver these gifts to our brothers in Albania, from Kukës in the north to Korçë in the south and from Berat to Vlorë and Fier, as well as Tirana, as a sign of the love and respect of the Turkish people for you”.

Reminding that they been helping families in need in cooperation with TİKA this year as well, Gurra stated, “On behalf of you and the institution I manage, I would like to express my gratitude, firstly to the Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye in Tirana and then to TİKA for their contributions to improve the welfare of your families every year.”

Through the distribution of food packages, which is also an essential part of social aid and solidarity, particularly during Ramadan, families in need residing in Tirana, Kukës, Pogradec, Vlorë, Fier, Korçë, Peshkopi, Bulqizë and Berat had easy access to basic food, thus contributing to the reinforcement of unity, brotherhood and solidarity between the two countries.

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