18 March 2024

TİKA Supports Bangladesh’s Fight Against Climate Change Related Issues

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), organized a training program on smart farming techniques for farmers in Koyra, located in the Khulna District of Bangladesh.

As part of the project “Creating A Climate Resilient Society Through Skills Development” implemented in cooperation between TİKA and the Amal Foundation, which has been supporting people in need in Bangladesh in many fields, especially in education, healthcare, agriculture for about 10 years, seed and fertilizer support was provided to participants of the training program.

A total of 20 people, including women and young people, were trained on smart farming techniques for 4 months.

During the training, participants learnt smart farming techniques such as sack gardening and vertical farming techniques, and also had the opportunity to develop leadership and decision-making skills.

Certificates were presented to the participants at the end of the program.

About Bangladesh

A South Asian country, Bangladesh, has been fighting against the effects of climate change. Natural hazards such as sea level rise, tropical cyclones and saltwater flooding particularly endanger coastal areas.

Although the agricultural sector, which once constituted one-quarter of the national income in the early 2000s, has decreased to 12% due to increased industrialization and the share of service sector in recent years, remains an important source of income for Bangladesh.

About 40% of the population has been engaged in agriculture and this sector has been a source of income for millions of people.

However, the fact that the average annual income per capita in Bangladesh is around 2,000 dollars and that poverty hits a large portion of the society remains one of the country’s most significant and chronic problems.

Bangladesh attaches importance to various national and international projects and programs aimed at fighting against these challenges and increasing social welfare.

The significance of sustainable agriculture in the fight against climate change stands out as a determining factor for the country’s future.

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