09 May 2024

TİKA Supports Ugandan Fishers

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided a feed pellet machine to fishers working in Yumbe, a city in the northwest of Uganda, to enhance their production capacities.

In Yumbe, located in the northwest of the country and being the second poorest region, through the ACOSED development program, which carries out activities for the city’s development under the guidance of Yumbe Deputy Naima Melsa Gule Avako, important activities are implemented regarding fish products, which rank as the country’s third top export item.

Nearly 3 tons of production

Despite high feed costs, a daily production capacity of nearly 3 tons is achieved thanks to the feed pellet machine provided by TİKA in the region, where approximately 100 fishers work. The project aims to reach fishers working in 10 different cities, especially in Yumbe, and in the settlements on the borders of Congo and South Sudan.

The city of Yumbe aims to set an example in fish farming

Speaking at the delivery ceremony, Yumbe Deputy Naima Melsa Gule Avako expressed, “Today marks a revolutionary day for the hardworking people of Yumbe. We will always remember Türkiye’s support,and we will ensure that Yumbe becomes an exemplary region for fish farming by enhancing our efforts in order to show that we always remember this support.”

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