27 February 2024

TİKA Supports Women’s Work in Ethiopia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) implemented the “Reusable Sanitary Pad Production” project with the aim of supporting women’s employment in Ethiopia. Türkiye’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Berk Baran; TİKA’s Program Coordinator in Addis Ababa, Cengiz Polat; Yetim Children Care Center General Manager, Sheikh Kemal Abdulhakim Feki and the women working in the production workshop were present at the opening ceremony of the project.

Following his inspections at the workshop, Ambassador Baran expressed his gratitude to TİKA for their support to the project.

TİKA’s Coordinator in Addis Ababa, Polat, also expressed that they have been carrying out activities to increase women’s employment and hygiene standards in Ethiopia.

Indicating that they have completed more than 200 projects in different regions of Ethiopia until now, Polat stated that the workshop, which features criteria such as sustainability, environmental awareness, prioritizing disadvantaged groups, centralising education, focusing on people and development, and especially women’s employment, is an exemplary project.

In the workshop, where fifteen thousand sanitary pads are produced in a month, orphaned youth and women receive vocational training, thus prioritizing their employment opportunities.

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