24 May 2024

Traditional Motifs of Turkish Cypriot Culture Displayed at Bellapais Abbey

The “Respect for Our Mothers and Grandmothers” project, organized by the Akademi Sanat Foundation and supported by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), was introduced through a special event held at Bellapais Abbey.

The project highlights the traditional motifs and values of Turkish Cypriot culture.

As part of the event, woven sheets taken from mothers’ and grandmothers’ chests, handwoven fabrics, lacework, tablecloths, coffee tablecloths and curtains, which reflect the rich heritage of Turkish Cypriot culture, were displayed alongside modern design pieces.

Speaking at the event, Head of the Akademi Sanat Foundation, Gencay Eroğlu expressed his gratitude to TİKA and everyone who contributed to the project. President of the TRNC, Ersin Tatar, who also gave a speech at the event, emphasized that preserving Turkish Cypriot culture, art and traditions and passing them on to the next generations is a great wealth and success. Tatar expressed his gratitude to all who contributed.

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