01 March 2024

TV Studio Established by TİKA in Uzbekistan Was Inaugurated

The TV studio, which was established by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) at the Journalism and Mass Communications University of Uzbekistan, has been inaugurated.

TİKA’s President, Serkan Kayalar, paying a formal visit to Uzbekistan; Türkiye’s Ambassador to Tashkent, Olgan Bekar; TİKA’s Coordinator in Tashkent, Ali Rıza Tezcan; the rector of the university, Sherzodkhon Kudratkhuja and many other guests attended the opening ceremony.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, which was also attended by students and faculty members, Kayalar expressed his gratitude for attending the inauguration of the TV studio established by TİKA at the Journalism and Mass Communications University of Uzbekistan, one of the most important education institutions in the region in the field of media communication.

Kayalar stated that the university is an exemplary institution founded to train a qualified workforce capable of effectively utilizing mass media in Uzbekistan and improving the media education system. He also expressed that it is a great success that the university, founded in 2018 and providing education for approximately three thousand students, has become one of the leading media education institutions in Central Asia in a short span of time.

Kayalar underlined that, as TİKA, they are aware of the value of experts to be trained in media communication and emphasize the importance of developing collaborations with the university. He also stated, “The TV studio we established at the Journalism and Mass Communications University of Uzbekistan is an excellent reflection of our concrete collaboration. Equipped with modern devices, the studio will serve as a training area, providing opportunities for live broadcasting on both TV and the internet.”

Stating that this project will contribute to the professional development of human resources in the field of media and communication to international standards, Kayalar expressed his hope that the TV studio would benefit both the university and the students.

Following the speech, Kayalar, Bekar and Kudratkhuja celebrated the opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and later visited and inspected the university.

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