29 February 2024

Women’s Employment Opportunities Increase in Laos, Thanks to Training Supported by TİKA

In collaboration with the Lao Women’s Union, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) organized a vocational training program in the fields of tailoring, computer and general skills.

The vocational training program for women residing in rural areas, which aims to implement the “National Women Development (2021-2025)” action plan of the Lao Women’s Union, to support employment generation as part of the Laos National Development Plan, and also to provide women and families with access to financial resources, has been completed.

During the training sessions held at the Vientiane Training Center for Women, in addition to the sewing course, cloth bag sewing, basic computer skills and food production courses were given to a total of 20 trainee women from 18 different cities, aiming to help them develop their careers.

At the end of the training program, the trainees produced 145 shirts, 100 traditional Lao long skirts (sinh), 90 cloth bags, and 21 bath mats.

Speaking during the certificate ceremony held at the end of the program, the Vice President of the Training Center for Women, Chanhsamone Senghalath, expressed her gratitude and respect to TİKA for their support of the training and its successful completion.

The Vice President of the Lao Women’s Union, Lavan Southisan, said,

I assume that this training will yield fruitful results for the trainees enabling them to further advance their careers. At the end of the training supported by TİKA, starter kits were provided to the trainees, who attended for the first time, to set up their own businesses. In this way, the trainees had the opportunity to apply the knowledge they obtained in order to become professional tailors. TİKA’s support aligns perfectly with the goals of the Lao Women’s Union. The training program not only helps build capacity but also helps prevent other social issues, such as decreasing labor migration.”

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