04 June 2024

Agricultural Equipment Support from TİKA to Nigerien Farmers

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided agricultural equipment support to farmers operating in village cooperatives affiliated with the Municipality of Birni N’Gaouré in the Dosso region, one of the areas with the most intensive agricultural production in Niger.

As natural factors such as recent droughts and global warming have reduced agricultural production in Niger, policies aimed at strengthening the agricultural infrastructure of the country have grown in importance. The Nigerien government has prioritized industrializing agricultural production processes and supporting innovative technologies.

On the other hand, in the country, where access to agricultural technologies and mechanisation opportunities is limited, planting, harvesting and tillage activities are still mostly carried out using animal power or manual labor.

TİKA Stands With Nigerien Farmers

TİKA supports agricultural activities in Niger, one of the countries most affected by the negative effects of climate change.

TİKA provided agricultural equipment such as hand tractors and manual seed drills to farmers operating in the village cooperatives of Anniya, Yobbi, Etti, Gomni and Sourou in the Municipality of Birni N’Gaouré in the Dosso region, one of the regions with the most intensive agricultural production.

A total of 10 hand tractors and 20 manual seed drills and plows were distributed to farmers for use in agricultural processes.

Practical training on the use of the machinery was provided to the cooperative authorities to increase productivity. Nearly 200 families are anticipated to benefit from this project.

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