13 June 2024

Sample Courtroom for Law Students in Lebanon: A Special Project from TİKA

“The Lebanese University Faculty of Law Sample Courtroom Project,” supported by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), was inaugurated in Tripoli, the second most populated city of Lebanon.

The Republic of Türkiye’s Ambassador to Beirut, Ali Barış Ulusoy; the Rector of the Lebanese University, Dr. Bassam Badran; the Dean of the Law Faculty, Dr. Habib Kazzi; the Director of the Tripoli Law Faculty, Dr. Khaled El Kheir; the President of the Northern Lebanon Bar Association, Sami Al-Hassan; the Chief Prosecutors of Northern Lebanon and Tripoli, and many other Turkish and Lebanese officials attended the ceremony.

Giving the opening speech, Ambassador Ulusoy highlighted Türkiye’s support in various sectors in Lebanon.

Ulusoy expressed that Türkiye is excited to support a new project at the Tripoli Law Faculty, in addition to the previous projects implemented with the Lebanese University at the Saida Technology Faculty, the Beirut Faculty of Letters and the Tripoli Faculty of Fine Arts. Underlining that Türkiye and Lebanon are friendly countries with a shared history, Ulusoy stated that Türkiye will continue its development cooperation activities in Lebanon.

The Sample Courtroom Named After Ahmed Cevdet Pasha

Within the scope of the project, students of the Law Faculty at the Lebanese University, the future lawyers, judges and prosecutors, will have the opportunity to experience cases and legal transactions in a realistic courtroom environment.

It is also planned that students selected from the student club, will organize mock trial competitions by being divided into parties (defendant, accuser, claimant, judge, prosecutor etc.) under the supervision of academicians.

The Sample Courtroom was named after Ahmed Cevdet Pasha, a prominent Turkish intellectual and statesman of the 19th century, who holds great importance in the history of both countries and who wrote the “Mecelle”, a civil code still partially in force in the Lebanese legal system.

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