06 May 2024

Technical Support from TİKA to News Agency Broadcasting in Pakistan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided technical equipment support to the Türkiye-Urdu News Agency operating in Pakistan.

The installation of technical equipment and office renovation aimed at strengthening the agency’s technological infrastructure was carried out by TİKA. Within this scope, studio and lighting systems such as video-graphic systems, microphones and video cameras were renewed.

The Republic of Türkiye’s Consul General to Lahore, Durmuş Baştuğ; TİKA’s Coordinator in Islamabad, Muhsin Balcı; the General Manager of the Türkiye-Urdu News Agency, Muhammed Hasan, members of the Journalists’ Union and the press attended the opening ceremony of the project.

Speaking at the ceremony, the General Manager of the Türkiye-Urdu News Agency, Hasan expressed his gratitude to Türkiye and TİKA for their contributions and stated that in addition to recent news, they will prepare programs, interviews and documentaries with experts to introduce the common history, culture, values and traditions of Pakistan and Türkiye.

About the Türkiye-Urdu News Agency

Located in Lahore, the Türkiye-Urdu News Agency publishes news about tourism, education, trade, technology, topics that are on the agenda of our country, in Urdu, and serves as a bridge between Türkiye and Pakistan.

The Türkiye-Urdu News Agency has 650,000 followers on the platform “X”, 440,000 on Facebook, 50,000 on Instagram and more than 20,000 followers on YouTube. The news of the agency appeals to large audiences in Bangladesh and India, as well as Pakistan.

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