14 June 2024

TİKA and KOICA Signs Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation

Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency and the South Korea International Cooperation Agency signed a memorandum of understanding in Ankara aiming at cooperating in various fields.

TİKA’s President Serkan Kayalar, KOICA’s President Chang Won Sam, South Korea’s Ambassador to Ankara, Jeong Yeondoo and the accompanying delegations attended the signing ceremony held at TİKA’s headquarters in Ankara.

Speaking at the ceremony, TİKA’s President Kayalar stated that they find the cooperation between development agencies valuable in terms of enhancing the bonds between two countries. He also noted that, within the framework of this agreement signed with KOICA that was established in the same period as TİKA and carries out joint activities with TİKA for third countries, the two institutions will implement joint projects especially in the fields of healthcare, climate change, clean energy, education, digitalization, food safety, agriculture by carrying out more effective and efficient work globally.

Kayalar expressed his belief that the agreement will take the current cooperation and friendship between the two institutions a step further.

KOICA’s President Chang stated that they are glad to renew the cooperation agreement between the two institutions, and they will work together in development cooperation activities like “two brothers”.

The memorandum of understanding aims to unite the knowledge, expertise and communication networks of the institutions in their relevant fields.

The agreement between TİKA and KOICA aims to develop new opportunities between two countries within the framework of South-South Cooperation and Triangular Cooperation, internationally in line with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2011, TİKA and KOICA had signed a memorandum of understanding to organize joint aid activities for countries Palestine, Cambodia, Myanmar and Pakistan.

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