14 February 2024

TİKA Continues Delivering Aid to the People of Gaza

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) continues its humanitarian aid activities in Gaza, Palestine, where Israeli attacks persist.

As a result of the ongoing attacks in Gaza since October 7, 28 thousand Palestinians have lost their lives, 68 thousand people have been injured, and the city’s infrastructure and superstructure have suffered extensive damage. During this challenging period, the limited amount of aid that is allowed into Gaza can only address a part of the needs.

As a result of the forced migration of people residing in the northern and central regions of the city to the southern parts, 1.7 million people have been displaced, and 500 thousand Gazans who stayed in the northern and central regions continue to take shelter in these regions. In these blockaded regions, not only staple food products but also animal feed are on the brink of depletion.

Food packages have been distributed

As part of field works and activities of emergency humanitarian aid, food packages have been distributed in the central and northern regions of Gaza. A total of 1,000 food packages containing staple products like rice, oil, tomato paste, broth, tea, and sugar have been delivered to families in need.

After the onset of the war, TİKA had already provided various forms of assistance such as medical supplies, food packages, sheltering material, and winter clothing.

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