01 July 2024

TİKA Establishes “Biology Lab” at Agricultural High School in Mongolia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established a biology laboratory at the Agricultural High School, opened in 2023 within the Mongolia Agricultural University.

In 2023, the Agricultural High School was established within the Mongolia Agricultural University to contribute to the training of qualified people in the field of agriculture in Mongolia. TİKA established a modernly equipped biology laboratory in the newly opened high school to support students who receive only theoretical education due to the lack of equipment.

As part of the project, the laboratory was equipped with various instruments such as plant growth cabinets, digital microscopes, biological microscopes, stereo microscopes, test tubes, soil moisture, temperature and mineral measuring devices, plant lamps and analytical balances.

The Principal of the Agricultural High School, Tsolmonbaatar Tserendejid expressed his gratitude to TİKA and the Turkish nation for the laboratory they established, and underlined that TİKA completed the project rapidly and effectively. Emphasizing the importance of applied biology courses, Principal Tserendejid stated that this laboratory could be utilized in both biology and chemistry courses.

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