01 July 2024

TİKA Establishes “Cezeri Studio” in Sri Lanka

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established the “Cezeri Studio” at the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, located in the city of Oluvil.

Inspired by Ismail al-Jazari, the creator of the “Do It Yourself” trend who lived in the 13th century and hailed as “The Father of Robotics” by global authorities, the “Cezeri Studio” has been established in cooperation with TİKA and the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL) under the “Science and Technology Education Program (BİTEP)”.

In the Cezeri Studio, equipped with devices such as computers, 3D printers, CNC laser cutting machines, robotic training sets and various mechanical-electronic tools, trainings on 3D design, robotic coding and device usage were given to 13 academicians and 5 students from engineering, technology faculties and IT departments. The training lasted for two weeks and was conducted by experts assigned by TİKA.

During the training sessions, participants gained skills in 3D design, the usage of 3D printers, some various manufacturing techniques along with developing electro-mechanical projects.

18 participants who successfully completed the training program received their certificates at the ceremony.

The Vice Rector of the SEUSL, Prof. Dr. A. Rameez and the Dean of the Technology Faculty, Dr. UL. Abdul Majeed, who attended the certificate ceremony, expressed their satisfaction with the establishment of the Cezeri Studio within their university.

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